Taking Your Outfit from Day to Night

It seems like we are always running short on time.  Maybe we are at work until 5:00 and have plans with friends at 5:30.  That’s not much time to change your entire look, but with a few tweaks you can take your outfit from day to night in a snap.

Let’s work for the bottom up.  Changing your shoes will immediately change the style of your outfit.  Going from your loafers to an embellished shoe will add spark to your evening plans.

Swap out your office blazer for a chic leather jacket.  You can forgo the jacket altogether too.  This will surely move your outfit away from the office.

Accessories are the simplest was to update your look for evening.  A set of statement earrings or a bold necklace say “night out” like nothing else.

One last tip is to update your hairstyle and apply a little more makeup.  Eyeshadow and lipstick will elevate your overall look for evening.

There you have it, bring on a good time!

Style 311 has been granted permission to use proprietary material created by Shari Braendel, Founder of Fashion Meets Faith.  (c) All rights reserved.

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