Wedding Guest Attire Etiquette

Weddings!  It’s so fun to celebrate a bride and groom who are so in love.  I love the ceremony, the dress, the decorations and of course the cake!  The busy summer wedding season will soon be upon us, so take a look at these tips for knowing how to be a well-dressed guest.

When trying to decide what to wear to a wedding, keep in mind the style and location of the festivities.  Often you can learn a lot from the wording and style of the invitation.  Sometimes the invitation will say formal, semi-formal or casual.  If the invitation doesn’t make a clear statement, look at the type of invitation.  If it’s calligraphy on highest quality pearlized paper, you can guess it will be on the formal side.  If the invitation gives a fun, casual vibe, the event will most likely be more relaxed.  Also consider the venue and location.  If the event is held at a ranch or on the beach, it most likely won’t be formal.

Once you know the type of attire you’ll need, choose something that works with your body type.  Here are silhouette suggestions for the 4 body types:

B:  Shift Dress, Sheath Dress, A-Line Dress

O:  Shift Dress, Sheath Dress, A-Line Dress

D:  Belted Dress, A-Line Dress

X:  Most styles work well

Last, but certainly not least, choose a stunning color that really makes you shine!  Remember:  White is always reserved for the bride so don’t wear it (unless explicitly stated in the invitation).  This is her day, and when guests show up in white (or anything close to it) they will inadvertently draw attention away from her.  Black is absolutely acceptable – if it works for you Color Code.

Enjoy celebrating these momentous occasions with family and friends. Cheers to the Bride & Groom.

Style 311 has been granted permission to use proprietary material created by Shari Braendel, Founder of Fashion Meets Faith.  (c) All rights reserved.

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