Spring Style Refresh

Spring Style Refresh

Spring is here!  This time of year is so lovely with the longer days, grass greening up and signs of new life everywhere.  It makes me want to start fresh!  One area to start fresh in is your wardrobe.  This is important –and fun!  Here are four steps for a successful Spring Style Refresh.

  1.  You’ve got to start with a clean closet. Include your closet with your other household spring cleaning. And do a deep clean – the closet, the sock drawer, all of it.  Doing this is the best way to see what you have and what else you may need.  Check out this blog for more on closets.
  2. Get inspired for spring. Flip through magazines and check out Pintrest to see what spring styles and colors you are drawn to.  Set time aside to do some research to figure out what you love and how you can use it to represent you.
  3. Once you’ve done a deep clean on your closet and your inspiration research, you are ready to hit the mall (or website!). You know what you need – and you know what you love – so you can shop on purpose.  Use intention when picking up a new outfit or spring accessories.
  4. Now you’re organized, inspired & armed with a few new spring pieces so you can begin creating new and updated outfits. A great tip is to bring your phone or laptop into your closet so you can pull up those Pintrest boards to be reminded about what styles catch your eye.  Work with the pieces you have to recreate those looks in a way that is true to you.  Get creative and try new combinations.  You will be pleasantly surprised what gems you will find.

Give this a try – both you and your style will be refreshed and ready for spring!

Style 311 has been granted permission to use proprietary material created by Shari Braendel, Founder of Fashion Meets Faith.  (c) All rights reserved.

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