Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Yes, we love our shoes and we have a lot of them.  And we keep buying more.  The good news is we have lots of occasions to wear different kinds of shoes.  I bet you have a favorite pair or two (I know I do).  Diffent styles and seasons call for different shoes but these tips work no matter what.

Remember you shoes are the first thing in your outfit someone notices so keep them looking good.  Invest in a good shoe brush and use it often.  Keep the insoles dry by sprinkling in a mixture of corn starch, baking soda, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil & lavender oil after each wearing.

The shoes you wear drastically impact the health of your feet so choose wisely.  Make sure the toe box isn’t too narrow for your foot.  You want to yours toes to be able to move freely.  Consider going up a size to accommodate your toes.

Keep in mind the type of sole.  If it is too flexible you don’t have enough support and your toes are forced to grip the shoe as you walk.  You should be able to twist the shoe, but if you can fold it in half, the shoe is too flexible.  An excellent choice would be a ballet slipper style with good support in the footbed.

The height of the shoe is another factor when choosing footwear.  A heel over 3” pitches your body forward and out of proper alignment.  Heels are best at 2” and lower.  Another tip with heels is to shorten your stride to help you stop leaning forward.

If you are buying a pair of shoes you will wear often, go with a pair that matches your hair color.  This creates a nice framing effect when your top (the hair on your head) matches the bottom (your shoes).  For more style help, book a Personal Style Appointment with Style 311.

Keep these things in mind when you are ready to buy your next pair.  Remember to shop toward the end of the day since your feet are more swollen and this helps ensure you find a comfortable pair.

Let’s end with a joke.

Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?  Wooden Shoe.  Wooden Shoe who?  Wooden Shoe like to hear another joke?

Don’t worry, I don’t have another joke.

Style 311 has been granted permission to use proprietary material created by Shari Braendel, Founder of Fashion Meets Faith.  (c) All rights reserved.

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