Ah Red.  What do you think of when someone says “Red”?  Red wine?  Red licorice?  Nebraska Cornhusker Football?  (That last one might only be if you live here).  No doubt about it, red is a statement color – but when you wear the wrong red you make the wrong statement.  Everyone can look good in red, but not every red works for everyone.  Read on to find out what your ideal red is.

Your best red will make you skin glow, not look harsh or overpowering.  Consider your hair color first of all, along with your skin tone and eye color.  The undertone of the red makes a huge impact too.  Colors with an orange undertone are warm (think fire = warm).  Colors with a blue undertone are cool (think water = cool [unless it’s boiling of course!]) So, those are the basics, now to specifics.

Your Color Code will determine which is the best red for you.  Read more on Color Code here

If you have red hair your Color Code is Warm.  The best red for your is a burgundy shade.  You always need a warm undertone and never want a blue/red shade.  Warm red 2


If you have dark brown or black hair, dark eyes and medium to dark skin tone your Color Code is Deep.  The best red for you is a deep red.  This photo also shows a leopard purse and shoes which is your best animal print.



If you have dark brown or black hair, bright eyes and fair skin your Color Code is Clear.  You want a bright red.  When you are wearing the best shades, all your clothes will have a cool undertone.



If you have silver or white hair your Color Code is Cool.  You want a red on the brighter side.  All the colors you wear should have a cool undertone (this should be really easy to remember 🙂 )

Cool red


If you have light blonde hair your Color Code is Light.  You want a red that is a brighter medium shade.

 Light Red


If you have dark blonde to medium brown hair your Color Code is Soft.  You want a red that is neither too dark nor too bright.  Medium is the key intensity for you.

 Soft Red


Red is a huge trend for Fall 2017 & now you are ready to wear your perfect red and shine!

For more information on wearing your best colors along with dressing for your body shape and in proportion to your frame, book a Personal Style Appointment today.

One more thing:  Go Huskers! 🙂

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