Overcome the Overwhelm

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It’s been said that a woman has two problems:

  1. A closet full of clothes
  2. Nothing to wear

Does this sound familiar?  I bet we’ve all stood in our closets and thought those exact same things – maybe on a daily basis.  So, what’s a girl to do?  We’ve already established that we all have to get dressed every day so we can’t just ignore the problem.

It’s no secret that our closets are full of things we never wear, items that don’t fit right and out-of-date styles.  Once you get rid of anything that falls into these categories you will have a lot more room in that closet.  Even after these first steps, there is more work to be done to curate your very best closet.  Enter in the 27 Hanger Online Academy.

After speaking at hundreds of events around the globe, the world’s leading Christian Fashion Stylist, Shari Braendel, heard the same cry for help from women:  “I wish you could come help me in my closet! I don’t know where to begin!”

Although she wishes she could visit every one of our closets, it would be impossible. So Shari decided to do the next best thing: film a customized online training program that will help you identify the problem pieces in your wardrobe, learn to shop on purpose, not on impulse, and pare down your closet to the 27 pieces that will fit, flatter, and make you fashion-forward!

And let me say, this works!  I’ve had a 27 (OK, 27ish) hanger closet for about 6 months and I really like it!  The mornings go more smoothly because you know everything in your closet works for you, there is room to see it all and the whole experience is enjoyable and quick.

Don’t be paralyzed by your closet for another year. Let Shari help you overcome the overwhelm today by joining her with the 27 Hanger Online Academy!  Summer is the perfect time to transform your closet into one of your favorite places in your home.  This could be the best $27 you spend all summer.  Click here to get started with 27 Hangers.

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