Color is Key

Color is key

I love color!  The carpet in my childhood bedroom was bright purple shag and my first car was a lime green VW Beetle.  Even now, my cupboard is filled with 13 colors of Fiesta dishware.  Color is fun and it’s powerful too, isn’t it?  Even the color of the sky can affect your mood.  Blue skies = :), gray skies = 😦 (even still I’m sure there are cheerful people in Seattle).

This same formula works when talking about how the color of your clothes can make you look and therefore feel.  For me as a Clear black = 🙂 whereas tan = :(.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure the clothes in your closet are your best colors that bring happy faces.

To find out what colors bring smiles for you, you need to discover your Color Code.  Your Color Code is based on three things:  Your hair color, skin tone and eye color.  There are six categories of Color Code:  Light, Soft, Warm, Clear, Deep and Cool.  Read on to discover your Color Code.

  • A Light is someone with very light blonde hair, fair to medium skin tone and bright eyes. Reese Witherspoon is an example of a Light.  Pale to medium intensity colors are best for a Light.
  • A Soft is someone with dark blonde to medium brown hair with any skin tone and eye color. Jennifer Aniston is an example of a Soft.  Medium intensity colors are best for a Soft.
  • A Warm is someone with red or strawberry blonde hair with any skin tone and eye color. Julianne Moore is an example of a Warm.  Rich autumn shades with a yellow undertone are best for a Warm.
  • A Clear is someone with dark brown or black hair, light skin tone and bright or very dark brown eyes. Courtney Cox is an example of a Clear.  Bright colors and high levels of contrast are best for a Clear.
  • A Deep is someone with dark hair and eyes with any skin tone. Giuliana Rancic is an example of a Deep.  Rich jewel tones are best for a Deep.
  • A Cool is someone with silver or white hair with any eye color and skin tone. Jamie Lee Curtis is an example of a Cool.  Royal colors with a blue or pink undertone are best for a Cool.

Now that you know your Color Code you can start wearing your very best colors that will make you and everyone around you 🙂  To dive deeper, book a Personal Style Appointment

Style 311 has been granted permission to use proprietary material created by Shari Braendel, Founder of Fashion Meets Faith.  All rights reserved.


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