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Everyone likes a good deal, don’t we?  Anything from free shipping to complimentary dessert, its fun to get a deal.  We feel great when we can get the most out of our dollars.  So, let’s talk CPW!  No, this isn’t a post about my Dad (he’s a handsome one, isn’t he?), but rather Cost Per Wear.

The idea is to consider if the price can be justified for how often you will be able to wear it.  For example, a great pair of jeans will be worn often – OK, a lot – so the cost per wear on a pair of jeans is easily justified.  A dark pair of jeans can easily be dressed up or down for many different occasions.

A suit is also another great item from a CPW perspective.  Of course they can be worn together.  Additionally, the jacket can be paired with the dark jeans mentioned above and a dressy blouse for a night out.  The skirt can be paired with a sweater and great necklace for a new look.

Some occasions call for a very dressy outfit, like Christmas parties and weddings.  We know the CPW for these items will be higher, but try to find a piece that has some versatility.  Maybe the fancy dress can be worn with a jacket and different shoes to be dressed down.  Pick a more classic piece in your best neutral so that it can be worn for years to come for a couple seasons.

As always, choose pieces that work with your color code and make you shine.

One final note:  CPW does not apply to your wedding dress 🙂


What’s Your Letter?


School’s out and summer is here but let’s do a little alphabet review.  What’s your letter:  B, O, D or X?  Your letter is related to your body shape and your body shape is determined by where you gain weight (because let’s face it, we all do at times – thank you very much DQ ice cream cake!).  Here’s the skinny (ha ha).

A B body shape is someone who gains weight in their belly with balanced shoulders and hips and a flat bum.

An O body shape is someone who is overly endowed with a large bust and upper midriff.  Their hips and shoulders are balanced and they have a flat bum.

A D body shape is someone who gains weight in their derrière, hips and thighs.  The typically have narrow shoulders and a small waist.

An X body shape is someone who has balanced shoulders and hips and is at their ideal weight or gains weight evenly all over.

Did you find your letter?  Keep in mind there may be times when you are a combination body type like a D with B tendencies.  Once you’ve determined your letter and shape now you will know which areas to highlight and which to camouflage.

Your clothes can work with you instead of against you now that you know what to do.  Be sure to keep your body type letter in mind when getting dressed and shopping.  Be especially wary of trends.  Not all trends work well on all body types.

Each of us are created in the image of God.  Be proud of your body and dress it well by using the most flattering cuts and colors.

Spring/Summer 2017 Trends


It’s warming up, the trees are blooming and the spring/summer trends are here for 2017!  There are so many fun things that are right on point this season and you will be sure to find some favorites.

Everything from the basic white blouse or white shirt dress to lariat necklaces and ankle-wrap shoes!  Sleeve detail and ruffles are all the rage right now, along with embroidery and bright colored bags and block heels.  The Pantone color of the year is Greenery and works so well with the hottest colors this season: yellow, pink, orange, khaki, blue and blush.

There are a lot of options this season but remember:  not every trend will look great on you.  Keep in mind your color code, body type and frame size when choosing trendy pieces.  Armed with that information, you will surely pick the best trends for you.

Take a look at the style 311 S/S 2017 Trends Pinterest boards for more.  https://www.pinterest.com/style311/springsummer-2017-trends/

Color is Key

Color is key

I love color!  The carpet in my childhood bedroom was bright purple shag and my first car was a lime green VW Beetle.  Even now, my cupboard is filled with 13 colors of Fiesta dishware.  Color is fun and it’s powerful too, isn’t it?  Even the color of the sky can affect your mood.  Blue skies = :), gray skies = 😦 (even still I’m sure there are cheerful people in Seattle).

This same formula works when talking about how the color of your clothes can make you look and therefore feel.  For me as a Clear black = 🙂 whereas tan = :(.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure the clothes in your closet are your best colors that bring happy faces.

To find out what colors bring smiles for you, you need to discover your Color Code.  Your Color Code is based on three things:  Your hair color, skin tone and eye color.  There are six categories of Color Code:  Light, Soft, Warm, Clear, Deep and Cool.  Read on to discover your Color Code.

  • A Light is someone with very light blonde hair, fair to medium skin tone and bright eyes. Reese Witherspoon is an example of a Light.  Pale to medium intensity colors are best for a Light.
  • A Soft is someone with dark blonde to medium brown hair with any skin tone and eye color. Jennifer Aniston is an example of a Soft.  Medium intensity colors are best for a Soft.
  • A Warm is someone with red or strawberry blonde hair with any skin tone and eye color. Julianne Moore is an example of a Warm.  Rich autumn shades with a yellow undertone are best for a Warm.
  • A Clear is someone with dark brown or black hair, light skin tone and bright or very dark brown eyes. Courtney Cox is an example of a Clear.  Bright colors and high levels of contrast are best for a Clear.
  • A Deep is someone with dark hair and eyes with any skin tone. Giuliana Rancic is an example of a Deep.  Rich jewel tones are best for a Deep.
  • A Cool is someone with silver or white hair with any eye color and skin tone. Jamie Lee Curtis is an example of a Cool.  Royal colors with a blue or pink undertone are best for a Cool.

Now that you know your Color Code you can start wearing your very best colors that will make you and everyone around you 🙂

Style 311

Style 311 Logo

Here’s the thing:  we all have to get dressed every day so we may as well know the tips and tricks to look our best.  Each of us is beautiful because we are all created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) and we need to dress in a way that best shows our unique beauty.

At Style 311 I will show you the best shades to wear for your individual coloring, the most flattering way to outfit yourself for your body shape and dress in a way that compliments your proportions.

What’s in a name?  Well Style 311 comes from Ecclesiastes 3:11 which says, “He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.  He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”  I love this verse because it reminds us that God makes all things beautiful – and more than that, he has set eternity in our hearts!  This world is not all there is and we can’t even begin to imagine all he has done from beginning to end – wow!  How exciting is that?!?

So, let’s work together to see the beauty God has given to you and remember that He has set eternity in our hearts.

All My Best As You Dress Your Best, Lola

Three Keys to Dressing Well

dressing wellI love to travel and I love airports (unless I am hoofing it to a new gate to make my connecting flight!).  If you are at the airport it generally means you are on your way to someplace enjoyable.  It’s also a great place to do people watching.  When you see someone who looks really put together, what is it that you notice about her?  She looks like she knew what she was doing when she got dressed.

There are three keys to dressing well:  (1.) Dressing the best colors for your hair color, skin tone and eye color; (2.) Dressing for your body shape; (3.) Dressing in proportion to your frame size.

There are 6 Color Codes which are based on your hair color, skin tone and eye color.  Once you discover your Color Code you will know exactly what shades look best on you (and which don’t!) and that’s step one of what it takes to look put together.

Step two is recognizing your body shape and dressing it in the best possible way.  The thing to do is highlight your best features and camouflage your more challenging areas.  There are four body types and every one of them can look great!

Finally step three:  your frame size is crucial to looking well put together.  Like Coco Chanel says, “Fashion is architecture.  It is a matter of proportions.”  If you wear prints and accessories that are opposite your frame size you will look bigger than what you are (no one wants that, believe me!).  When your prints & accessories are matched to your frame you look balanced and best.

With these keys in mind you can feel confident that you are well dressed.

Style 311 Welcomes You



Style 311 Logo

Welcome to the Style 311 blog!  I am Lola and I’m so pleased you’ve stopped by!  I am a personal stylist trained by America’s leading personal style expert, Shari Braendel.

Here’s the thing: all of us get dressed every single day so we might as well have fun doing it, right?  But have you ever felt like you don’t know the best way to dress your body?  Maybe you try styles that seem like they will work and then they don’t?

I am here to offer you advice and guidelines how to dress your best.  Together we will see what your best colors are, how to dress your body shape and find your style personality.  Let’s make getting dressed fun again!